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New Video

December 29, 2015 Leave a comment

Well….It’s really a couple of years old. I’ve had it on the FB page for a while. Please feel free to check it out under the Videos tab here. It’s called Delta Tournament. Enlarge to full screen, turn the volume up (there’s a couple of nice tunes in it) , and enjoy.


Tournaments, Organizations, and Competition

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

another post from the old board

I was sitting on the computer the other day looking at all of the martial arts organizations, not only in Colorado but around the country. So many schools have listings or who and what they are affiliated with. Some of these are so long that they look like a rap sheet. I had actually been considering joining an organization or two until I looked a little closer at some of them.

Everyone is all about tournaments and points and competing. You join this organization and participate in this organization’s tournaments and you get so much money off of your competition fees. You build up “points” as you compete and at the end of the season your points are tallied and you get a nice placing in the pecking order of all the other competitors.

It’s all well and good if that’s what you’re about. If you live to compete and win trophies and have some kind of vague status in the martial arts community then my blessings to you.

Sadly, that kind of mind set and attitude is so far off of what real martial arts is about. It makes me proud that Rocky Mountain Shito-Ryu is a traditional karate dojo instead of a sport karate school. If competing and winning trophies or medallions is all that a person is in their martial art for, then they are missing out on perhaps the greatest experience in their lives. It’s fine to go out and compete, to show your skill and to give people an example of what your art is all about. When that is the only thing that is important, the very essence of karate-do is lost. There is no personal growth save for pride and ego. There is no humility for humility is swallowed by the pride and ego. Instead of coming to center and learning who you are and what your potential is, you leave your center to become what points and trophies (and earning those) dictate you to be.

The true martial artist, the true karate-ka, does not fight unless he is forced to. He does not seek out strife. He seeks peace. She trains herself in order to have the confidence to know that she can handle violence if it comes to her. The true martial artist does not seek fame or glory. If that fame or glory comes, it is accepted with humility.

I have read of people being inducted into this hall of fame or that elite group. Why would a true martial artist care? What is greater than being in my children’s, my students’, or my friend’s “hall of fame”? Nothing that I can imagine. To have the respect and adoration of those who mean something to me is by far greater than the greatest accolades I could possibly receive from groups of people who think they are better than anyone simply because they are part of a supposedly elite group.

When you go into a tournament competition always remember, that is what it is. That is all that it is: a competition. Look at it as a way to learn something. See it as a venue to better yourself and to share knowledge. When you compete and win, accept that victory with humility. There is an old saying, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”. That is true. What is even more true is, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s HOW you win or lose”.