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ULTIMATE Defeat the Darkness

Ultimate Defeat the Darkness


Shame On You


In a lot of ways this is difficult, even painful, for me to write, I have never liked “throwing anyone under the bus” but if you know me, you know I can NOT stand McDojos or snake oil salesmen. I was actually writing an article on the history of the obi, the karate belt, and got tired of thinking and started surfing the web for films of self-defense techniques. At one point I went to Google and typed in “fight like a girl self -defense techniques”. This link came up about third down the line.

What I saw in this deeply disturbed me. Here we have a black belt in Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu teaching children self-defense using his daughters to perform the techniques. I had heard that these same sort of techniques were being taught here around town in some of the schools and it bothered me just hearing parents and kids describe them to me.

I honestly don’t know if these techniques are authorized Fight Like a Girl moves or not but they are certainly using the name on the video. Here’s the newsflash for you:


With the exception of one technique where the guy picks the child up from behind and she starts kicking him, they are worthless. The ending of that technique is fundamentally wrong as well. Whoever created these moves has absolutely no understanding of either body mechanics or insight as to how a predator attacks. I know. I, wanting to at least give it a chance, went to the dojo and worked with several students of different ages, sizes, and degrees of body strength. Not even adults could get the first couple to work. I can’t understand for the life of me why a black belt in a grappling art would waste his time putting these out there.

Let’s walk through the video and I will explain.


I will start here because this is basically a repeat of the first 18 or so seconds at a different angle.
First of all, pause at 0:22 seconds. Notice the position of the attacker’s body. His arms are outstretched and locked. His hands around the girl’s neck. This shows the attack has just begun. The attacker is attempting to subdue the victim. THAT is what his attention is on. Now, note his body position. He is between the girl’s legs. In most cases a sexual predator will NOT move into this position until he has already gotten his prey under control. (Although, believe it or not, it does make the escape easier). He will straddle his victim to further control their body.


The girl moves her arms across the attacker’s arms, pulls down, and breaks the choke hold. Notice also at exactly 0:24 he opens his hands thus releasing the hold. NOT! If you are on top of someone attempting to choke them your arms are locked and the majority of your body weight is pushing down. A weaker smaller person will not be able to break the hold in such a manner as depicted on the film. After at least 10 attempts to mimic this move in our dojo with unsuspecting victims, none of them worked. Quite simply the child is trying to use muscle instead of any kind of technique to break the hold. Coming from under the attacker’s arms with both hands to the elbows would probably work better. Then again, turning her head and biting a hunk out of his hand would be more efficient.

Back to the attacker releasing the hold: once someone has you in a position like this, maintaining the hold they already have on you is imperative to them. That is why deceptive moves like going for the eyes or groin will augment a technique and cause it to work…it takes the attackers mind OFF of the primary hold. In this case, the attacker simply releases his hold without attempting in any way whatsoever to regain it, thus regaining control.


The girl simply wiggles her way out. The attacker doesn’t attempt to regain any kind of control whatsoever. (Dad just lets her go). She kicks him a few times in the chest (no effect if the attacker is a large person). The only redeeming factor is that she finally kicks him in the face, rolls away, and escapes (although with no sense of urgency at all).


This is so ridiculous I’m not going to even waste a lot of time on it. Sure enough, last time I saw a larger person attack a smaller weaker one they got right down on their knees and tried to choke them. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that it seems to be a re-occurring theme in a lot of these techniques for the child to LAY DOWN on the floor and start kicking. Gee, that puts them right back in the situation we saw at 0:19, aka…JUST where a sexual predator wants you!


Probably the best idea of the bunch. The attacker grabs from behind and the girl starts kicking him until he lets go of her. This is a good sound move UNTIL the attacker releases her and we, instead of getting away immediately, go right back to laying down on the floor and kicking.


Another one I can’t figure out why a Jujitsu guy would even entertain teaching. I am a Nidan in Japanese jusitsu. An adage my Sensei pounded into my head over and over again was “If they push, you pull. If they pull, you push”. By following this you take away the attackers strength and basically turn his power against him. I teach my students in such an attack to either move into their attacker with an offensive move or attack his hand as he pulls you. Once again, we find our young heroine on her back on the floor kicking.

Anyone who is out there teaching these things, especially if you have training and know better, should be ashamed. Why are you passing on to children of all people, worthless techniques that don’t work, make no sense, and place them in more danger?

Here are some tips if you are really attacked.

Do NOT lie down! Prone on your back is the LAST place you want to be.

The face is almost ALWAYS open. Punch it, scratch it, hurt it going for the eyes.

There is NO SUCH THING as a “fair fight” when you are attacked. Bottom line: you walk away or you get carried away.

When you get the chance…RUN! Don’t “pretend” to run. Don’t half-way run. R-U-N!! Get away. Get to help!

You’re Doing It All Wrong

April 8, 2013 2 comments


The dojo completed our Defeat the Darkness benefit for Family Crisis Services last Saturday standing against Domestic Violence, sexual assault and abuse. At the end of a very long day I was exhausted both physically and emotionally. We raised approximately $600.00 toward ending Domestic Violence in our community.

I learned a lot that day. One of the greatest lessons I learned was that all though some people are apathetic to the plague of violence that is rampant in our nation today, there is a host of others that are caring and concerned about the people around them that are suffering silently.

The speakers left an ever-lasting impression on me and I hope to the audience in attendance. These people, many of them volunteers, touched my heart and soul. I even found the courage to tell my own tale and all of it brought tears to my eyes at times.

There are some that turn a blind eye to the subject. There are those who want to help in the beginning, find out what a task, a battle, there is in front of them and back away. Although I understand this aspect of their thought pattern, I wish these people would at least be honest to the public and the victims.

One person related a story to me of a group who went full throttle into helping with the problem. These good-hearted, community-oriented people were great in the beginning. Then at the end of a past Take Back the Night Walk when everyone had gathered in the park (there’s a nice photo and article on this in the archives of this blog) people were allowed to stand up and speak openly. Some people publicly announced they were taking a stand against abuse. Others found a voice and told their own stories of how they had been abused.

This “community- oriented” group and its’ leaders were offended by one or two of the stories that were told. They found the outpouring of emotion and sometimes grief from these people too graphic and offensive. In what I can only consider their self-righteousness they chose to pull out and no longer support the move.

Are you crazy?

Want graphic? How about this…if you have a deep wound and you rip the scab off of that wound, it’s going to bleed! If you have a diverse group of people gathered together on the subject of Domestic Violence and abuse, emotions are going to rise to the surface because the thin veil that is holding back all of that pent up anguish is going to be torn away. This is the real world not some sanitary environment you have created where the boogie man lives outside somewhere. The boogie man lives right next door to you. He may be hiding in your own home. Real life is not a fairy tale where stories of dragons and monsters are told. We don’t live in the Middle Ages where priests told stories of demons and monsters living “out there” in the forests and had rituals and magics which would get rid of them which were never really used because at the end of the day no one had actually saw a monster. This is the 21st century. We have our own dragons and monsters and they are real. We really see them every single day when we watch the news or read the paper.

If you are out there, especially those of you who teach martial arts, and you have this kind of mind set, you need to wake up! The monsters are real. Violence is real. Abuse is real. People come to you in order to learn to defend themselves. Some of these people have experienced violence. They have been attacked or know someone close to them who has. They have met the monster. They have shook hands with the Devil. They are looking to you for help. For you to sit in your little make believe world and refuse to accept that is wrong. For you to teach people self-defense methods and techniques that you’re not even sure will work in real-life is wrong. Most of all and most important, for you to be angry or offended at a person for opening their heart is wrong! Don’t get angry or offended at the victim for opening up. Get angry at the crime. Get angry at the suffering! Get offended at the fact that we see this every single day an treat it like it’s “just life”. Or even worse, we ignore it completely.

In other words: You’re doing it wrong and your heart is in the wrong place. What is even worse is that in your pious indignation you are hurting the very people you claim to want to help.

Take your blinders off. Stop thinking about your reputation and your desire to make money for a moment and realize that you have intentionally put yourself in a position of authority and knowledge. People look to you for guidance. They look to you for advice. In a lot of very deep and personal ways, they look to you for compassion and understanding. If you’re going to place yourself in a position to help people then do it. If you don’t have the talent, knowledge, or courage to see it through then stop dancing around the thing. In the end you will get someone hurt either physically or emotionally.

I’m not a professional counselor. I have no degree. I do not want people to look at me in that manner. However I want to help. I am committed to help. In that commitment I have made connections with people who are professionals. I am set up so that if anyone comes to me and needs help I can direct them to people who can help them.

I suppose you could say I am a “professional” martial artist although I hate to use that term. I am trained and I have real-world experience with violence. I can, in that capacity, teach people how to defend themselves. Although I do attempt to increase my knowledge and continue to learn, I have no need for outside self-defense programs, catering to women or otherwise, to augment my teachings, line my wallet, or fatten my bank account. In that aspect I can confidently contribute to ending violence. I’m not a savior. I’m not even, in my mind, a leader in this fight. The volunteers that man those phones 24/7, the people who put victims up in safe houses, the staff who counsel and advocate for the abused, those are the leaders and heroes in this fight. I’m just a voice. I’m just a single pair of hands that are outstretched to try to help. I am a simple Sensei who refuses to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to what is going on. I have seen enough real violence in my life that I am not so thin skinned that I would turn my back on anyone simply because I felt “offended”. If you are one of these people yet you have set yourself up to be a champion for the cause; You’re doing it all wrong! And I have to wonder what else you claim to be or take up a cause for that you will simply walk away from because you find something offensive or something doesn’t fit into the nice little box of your life.

Fight Like A…oh I dunno “Warrior” maybe

December 30, 2012 6 comments


I’ve touched on this subject before. OK, I’ve done a tad bit more than “touch” on it. The thing nags at me to no end and I can’t help but comment on it again.

There seems to be a mindset going around these days that women are not suited for traditional karate. The idea is that women are smaller and weaker than men and therefore many of the moves and techniques in traditional karate cannot and will not possibly work for them. I’m not sure how things have gotten so blurred with this subject. I think a large part of it comes from our modern view of karate and the martial arts in general. We have watered them down so much that they are meaningless to anyone who is serious about self-defense. People, and I mean a majority of those who teach and promote martial arts, have lost the true meaning of “traditional” karate. People who know little or nothing of karate see competitions and watch “forms” which are beautifully choreographed sequences of movements. They are very pretty, very graceful, and lack one shred of anything that would be useful to defend yourself if you had to rely on them.

On the other side of the coin we are bombarded with images of MMA fighters. Many, not all but many, of these athletes are huge muscle-bound fighters. They are intimidating to the average person. I have trained for many years and I have to admit that I would have reservations about ticking one of them off.

So, we have been exposed to two different views of what martial arts are about. The meaning of much of traditional karate has been lost. In that meaning lies the very reason that it is not only suitable for women but, for many reasons, women can excel in it much more than their male counterparts.

There are many women of all ages who practice traditional karate. I have listed in the past a short list of some very famous female martial artists including Cynthia Rotheric and Chloe Bruce. Guess what? Despite this new mindset that traditional martial arts aren’t suitable for women, women practicing them is not a new phenomenon. In the infancy of martial arts Shaolin nuns were very formidable in Kung Fu.

I have no idea where the “Masters” of this art or that art or the creators of many of the newer self-defense programs for women are getting their ideas but here are two of the main reasons many of them are citing as to why that you ladies just can’t do it.

• You are smaller in stature than a man
• You are not as physically strong as a man

Ok. Duh. I’m not being disrespectful but honestly these are simply biological facts. Here’s the secret that these people simply do not get: these things are NOT disadvantages in karate. In fact, women have many advantages over men.

Got your interest?

Karate was designed to provide an effective way to defend yourself from an aggressor who is larger and more powerful than you. Though not designed specifically with women in mind, Karate is a martial art that relies very heavily on skill to overcome brute force. Most men will rely on their physical presence to overpower their victim(s), but a well placed blow at the correct time will stop anyone.

Any idiot can make a fist and lash out wildly using weight and brute strength. Karate teaches precision, timing and accuracy to land a single blow which “stops” your attacker.

A woman’s muscles are shorter than a man’s, so they contract and expand quicker. This means that a woman has a natural speed advantage.

The mechanical make up of a woman’s body gives them more fluid and flexible hips, and most of the power in Karate techniques comes from the hips. Women are much better at using their hips to generate power in their punches and kicks (ever look at the average guy trying to dance at a night club? Then you know how hard it is for men to use their hips efficiently!)

Any type of physical training can be rough on women. Physical training can be tough on ANYONE but in Karate you are taught how to train properly. How to move, hit, punch, kick, fall and avoid an opponent. The heart of Karate is learning how not to get hurt.

Statistics tell us that one in three women world-wide will be assaulted at least once in their lives. Karate won’t stop you from being assaulted but it can certainly help change the expected outcome of the assault.

When a woman learns Karate, she also learns self-defense, self-confidence and self-esteem which allows her to be able to go out in life with less fear and with a warmer and more open attitude.

So to all of you “self-defense gurus” and “women’s self-defense masters” out there that are promoting the line of crap that women are too weak to learn and practice traditional karate, to all of you out there with your programs or your films on YouTube who are saying that some of the techniques of traditional karate are too difficult for women to perform, please stop.

You need to seriously take a long look in the mirror. There may be legitimate reasons that karate didn’t work for you. The two that come to mind quickest are:

• Your instructor wasn’t much of an instructor. I am a Sensei, a teacher, it is my JOB to teach my students. Let me re-phrase that. It is my RESPONSIBILITY to teach my students. If I have student who is struggling with a technique it is my duty as that student’s teacher to work with them until they can make it work. If the moves are too difficult it is up to me to modify those moves to the point the student, male or female, can execute them successfully.

• You simply didn’t try hard enough. I know before you start whining to me that was such a cruel statement. How dare I say such a thing. The very nerve of me to even suggest that it could have possibly been your fault. We do kihon (basics) every single class in my dojo. Each class I tell my students that if they have to use karate to defend themselves in real life that they are going to react in the real world exactly as they do in the dojo. (To be honest that isn’t entirely true. In a real attack you will lose much of your learned motor skills due to adrenalin dump and several other factors in that moment.) You have to practice with all seriousness. If you do not, you will lose. Plain and simple. After you lose you will come to me and probably quit saying that karate doesn’t work. In truth, the karate worked; you didn’t.

For you ladies out there that are reading this; stop believing every bit of hype that you hear or read on the internet. If you’re listening to someone who’s telling you that you are too small or too weak for karate (or anythng else for that matter) politely tell them to go sell their BS to someone else. That is what they are doing you know. They are attempting to sell you a line of goods to convince you of something that isn’t true in order for you to buy into their program or mindframe. Don’t allow yourself to be suckered in. If you are in a martial arts program and find some of the techniques to difficult, go to your instructor and tell him / her that you are having problems. A Sensei worth their salt will do everything they can to help you succeed.

Laughing at the Beast

December 12, 2012 3 comments


Laugh at the cleverness of the beast and the beast will defeat itself.
~David Carradine~

We’re off to see the wizard.

In the beloved classic, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends set off on a perilous journey to the Emerald City to see the Great and Powerful Oz. Their hope is that the mighty wizard can help them. Dorothy wants to go home. The Scarecrow wants a brain. The Tinman is in search of a heart. The Cowardly Lion seeks courage. When they arrive they are met with a scary and horrifying visage of the wizard. They are also sent on a mission to prove themselves to him. After completing the mission they return only to be frightened once again by the terrifying image of the wizard. All seems hopeless until Toto, Dorothy’s tiny dog, pulls the curtains aside exposing a small, weak, and scared old man controlling all of the effects and projecting a false image of the wizard. Exposed for what he really is, the wizard becomes a totally different person.

Wizards in our life

I think a lot of us have people like the wizard in our lives. There are people out there who portray themselves as something that they are not. They frighten us or intimidate us. There are a lot of bosses like that. Sometimes people we compete with in the business world are like that. Sometimes they simply act as something that they are not in order to promote themselves.

We often take this image at face value. We let it get to us, let it intimidate us. We wring our hands and worry about it. We are stunned when we discover that it was all a charade. We don’t know how to react to it.

I think this is partially what David Carradine was talking about when he wrote the quote about laughing at the Beast. That quote was part of the Twelve Rules found in his book, Kung Fu. Many people have discredited Carradine in the past. Some have said he wasn’t truly a martial artist. Others have taken his personal life and held it under a magnifying glass especially after the events that led to his death. I grew up with the television series Kung Fu. It was probably the first sample of the martial arts I was exposed to. Luckily it was filled with as much philosophy as it was action scenes and fighting. I think in a lot of ways more so. Naturally when Carradine wrote a book on the subject I bought and read it. I kept it for many years and finally passed it on to a student some time ago never to see it again.

Carradine said to laugh at the cleverness of the Beast. I think that means more to not take everything you see exactly as it is presented.

Pulling back the curtain

I recently had my very own “Oz Moment”. A curtain was pulled aside and I was allowed to see some things as they truly are and not how they had been promoted to be for so long. For days I had no idea how to think or act. I had been baffled for a long time as to how to deal with…we will call it a McDojo for lack of better description. After having coffee with some other instructors and talking about some things, including this, I stumbled on some YouTube footage that threw me for a loop.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about it. What I saw was some very substandard karate no matter what style you practice or what level you are. It was a student testing for a beginner rank. It was terrible. Don’t get me wrong; I am NOT blaming the student. A student will do what the teacher tells them to do. They will do things as they are taught to do. I saw terrible technique, awful stances, no power. I saw a beginning student attempting to do techniques that were too advanced for the level they were at.

I sat back. I watched the video again and again. I was, for lack of better word, dumbfounded.

Laughing at the Beast

I have learned something from this. Surprisingly, it is something I already knew and it disappoints me to no end that I have allowed the Beast to intimidate me or fool me. I learned that I should never lose confidence in myself or what I do. I realized that people will do and say things to make themselves appear in a certain light. And yes, there will be many people out there who don’t understand what something truly is or what something truly means who will believe the hype simply because they don’t know any better.

What to do?
Like myself, all you can really do is believe in yourself and what you do. If you are right, you are right. If what you are doing is right, it is right. You have to be an example. You have to let your light shine. In time your light will cut through all of the darkness and hype. Most of all you have to STAND.

Take a moment and look at all of the people in history who have stood steadfast in the face of adversity. If Winston Churchill had believed Hitler’s hype, where would Europe be today? If George Washington and the Founding Fathers had given in to the British army we may have never gained our independence.

The Wizard was a bully in the beginning. He was just a scared little man. The Beast is no beast most of the time. We give it that power. We allow it to have that place in our lives. Let the intimidation roll off of you. Forget the fear for a moment and look at things for what they may really be instead of what you have been led to believe that they are. Refuse to sacrifice yourself and what you think is right in the face of fear and intimidation.

Stop Flattering Me Already

October 6, 2012 1 comment

Someone once said, “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”  I suppose this is true but it can really get annoying after a while. Actually it can be considered stealing if you look at it in a certain light.

I think everyone who gets involved in something, no matter what it may be, wants to succeed. Many people who have no vision of their own or no creative power to make their vision reality often look to others and copy what has already been done.

What’s wrong with that?

Well, nothing if it is done with some sense of honor. There’s nothing wrong with studying something to learn how it works in order to make what you’re doing better. Let’s look at a couple of martial arts for an example.

Shito-Ryu and a few of the other forms of traditional Japanese karate have many similarities. These styles were based for the most part on the ancient Te styles that originated in Okinawa. Those Okinawan styles, in turn, evolved from the various forms of Kung Fu and Chinese boxing styles that were born in China. Now, take a look at Tang Soo Do, a Korean style. Tang Soo Do and Shito-Ryu are very similar in many aspects. They share many of the Itosu katas which are soft and flowing forms.  The Koreans took those form and implemented high kicks and jumping techniques thus making them uniquely their own. There is nothing wrong with this. It is the natural evolution of a style.

Soooo, what the heck are you talking about?

Fair question. Let’s say you live in a small town like I do. You have several local businesses which serve your community. These are people you know and people who know you. They get up, go to work, and pretty much bust their butts to make a living. Times are tough. They have been for a while now and honestly, I personally think they will continue to be for quite a while. These folks, your friends and neighbors, are out there doing what they can to make an honest living and serving their community by providing a service to it.

One of these businesses, John’s Hardware we’ll call it, has been a staple in the community for a very long time. It is a family ran business that does everything it can to make things better for its customers and the community. Now…we have Big Box Store Inc., we’ll call it BBS for short, who’s executives or owner just thinks Home Town USA would be a hunky dory place to open up.  There’s just one little problem: our friend and neighbor, John’s Hardware. Hometown people are for the most part a very faithful group. BBS knows that it’s a gamble to move into Hometown. But we have to remember something, BBS is a huge company. BBS has the funds to weather out a lot of things that other businesses don’t. BBS has something else too…a bunch of people who get paid to come up with ideas to make money. So what does BBS do?

The Pod People come to Hometown USA

I love horror movies. I’ve probably watched most of them that have ever been made. My daughter gave me a DVD set of “100 of the Greatest Horror Movies” for Christmas last year. Most of them a VERY B-rated and most of them are in black and white with terrible story lines and even more terrible acting. One of my favorites is Invasion Of The Body Snatchers which is a re-make of an older movie. In it, aliens from outer space invade the Earth. They don’t come down shooting everyone and blowing everything up. They quietly and slowly make themselves carbon copies of humans by using plant-like pods to connect to the victim and copy his or her looks.

This is what BBS does. It moves in to Hometown and begins to copy John’s. At every corner it sells merchandise that is sub-standard to John’s. It uses its monies to promote huge deals and sales. Yet at the same time, BBS copies John’s every chance they can get. They start claiming that they are your “hometown BBS store.” Subtle things of that nature.  They promote themselves to be something that they are not, never have been, and never will be. People are always infatuated with something new. It’s simply human nature. Before long BBS is booming and our friend John is scrapping to keep his doors open. More often times than  not the Johns of the world cannot afford to keep up with the big companies and sadly, do end up shutting down. It’s about that time that the true nature of BBS surfaces. Gone are the great deals. What’s sadder is gone is the vain attempt that BBS made to care for its customers in the first place. Just like the Borg on Star Trek: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

OK, Sensei, but what does this have to do with karate?

What I have just described to you, my friends, is one of the tactics that a McDojo will use to move into an area and sufficiently shut down the competition. The big box martial arts company, or the shrewd “business-man Sensei” will open up quietly at first. He will watch what is going on around him. He will analyze the area and research to see just what kind of marketing strategies will be most effective. He will begin to lay the groundwork by establishing himself in the community. He will begin copying the successful studios in the area. At times he will attempt to get closer to the school owners by feigning a kindredship with them.  He will take things someone id doing, copy them, then twist them in a certain way. If the economy starts to turn or another school appears to be a threat, he will fall back on his establishment in the community and pull resources and connections from that.  In the end, all it is to him is a waiting game.

Keep your flattery.

I’ve actually saw this very scenario happen and it’s not pretty for anyone who falls victim to it. Sadly during the process most people will see the imitations happening. They will simply smile and even wish Sensei Businessman the best of luck. They are flattered that he has taken an idea of theirs and made it his own. The public will see it as well and never for one second realize what is going on. “Wow, Master Businessman is doing this awesome (fill in the blank with any program, offer, seminar, ect)! That is SO cool!” That’s when the guy who’s been around forever says, “But wait a second, we’ve been doing that for years.” Of course it’s almost always too late. The foundation, hype, and groundwork have already been done. Just like John, the little guy is struggling to survive.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Amazingly enough, you already know the answer to this. No matter what style you practice, no matter what title you carry, there are certain basic things you have learned in your martial arts training that apply and will serve you well in protecting yourself from a “hostile takeover”.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Keep your eye on your “competition”. If you notice that now he has a kids’ program that is a lot like yours, red flags should start flying.
  • Be honorable. Maintain your dignity. Don’t stoop to his level in order to “compete”.
  • Strong basics. We’ve heard it since we were white belts. To have strong karate, you must have strong basics. Have strong basics and roots in your community. Establish those from the first day that you open your doors. Remember: if it was not for the community, you would not have students in the first place. You need to get out there and set an example of what true martial arts are about.
  • Be honest. Honesty will carry you a long way. If you join that honesty with honor and dignity you will be able to withstand almost anything. Do not be afraid to open your mouth if you see something that is just blatantly wrong. A lot of us may see something and shrug it off making an excuse for someone. DO NOT do that! I have a personal experience with this that I regret to this day.

There are a ton of other things you have been taught and that you live by and teach in your school that can help you. Look back and remember those things. The Japanese people have taken the writings from The Art of War and A Book Of Five Rings and used those martial philosophies in business and their every- day lives with a great amount of success. Take the lessons you have learned in the dojo and apply them to the way you actually run your dojo.

As a traditional instructor you don’t need the flattery of another. Don’t allow your ego being stroked to blind you to what is going on around you.


We Took Back The Night, Now Let’s Defeat The Darkness

April 29, 2012 2 comments

Sensei Lindy Speaks Out At Take Back The Night


Thursday night’s Take Back the Night Walk and gathering in the park was awesome! Rocky Mountain Shito-Ryu Karate-Do has supported the Family Crisis Center here for four years and we have no intention of stopping. We had students in the walk and students at the dojo working out and simply just being there if anyone came by with questions. Myself, Master M. Brecht frome USA Tang Soo Do, along with my wife, Sensei Lindy, and several students were also in the park for the gathering after the walk. We had a table sat up at the entrance to the park and furnished the thirsty walkers with ice cold water as they completed their journey. We passed out flyers and even made speaches to the crowd.

It was a GREAT time!

But we aren’t done. Not by a long shot. Now that we Took Back The Night, it’s time to Defeat The Darkness. Our FREE Women’s Self-Defense course begins this Tuesday and we have had a staggering amount of ladies pre-register already. There is room for a few more and I have decided to allow registration continue through Tuesday morning.

I’d also like to thank the following for their help and support in both Take Back The Night and Defeat The Darkness

STAR Country Radio

KLRN Radio

Kwick Stop #8

Pizza Hut

American Liquor

The Canon City Daily Record

The China Garden

New Method Cleaners

We look forward to seeing all who have signed up for Defeat The Darkness. We can promise you that you won’t be dissapointed. We have some awesome things to teach you and even a few special guests that will be stopping by!