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Health Benefits: Karate Has Them


The following is taken from our flyer for adult karate lessons

Karate is a fantastic fitness alternative for men, women and children of all ages. The great thing about martial arts is that it’s a departure from the gym or average aerobic class. Like any physical activity, mixing up your routine with something fresh and fun can give you a boost in reaching your fitness goals. This is especially true for individuals that may be experiencing a plateau in their goal cycle.

Karate is one of the most effective weight-loss activities around. It offers a full-body workout by employing movements that exercise all major muscle groups, as well as incorporate balance and dexterity. Using punching, kicking and fight stances, individuals work their arms, legs, glutes and core through an activity that is challenging and fun at the same time. Despite karate stereotypes, it is not strictly about fighting techniques. It’s about improving fitness levels, self-discipline and overall health.

The Winning Number

So the big question is how many calories does an hour’s worth of martial arts burn? Quite a lot actually. An average 145 pound person engaging in one hour’s worth of martial arts can expect to burn approximately 870 calories. In order to burn the same amount, a runner of the same weight would need to run an 8 minute mile for 60 minutes or bicycle at 14 miles per hour for 90 minutes. Comparatively, martial arts is a hot calorie burner.

Physical Benefits include
Improved reflexes and coordination
Increased performance in all physical activities
Increased strength and stamina so you feel great all day
Increased flexibility and weight control for better overall fitness
Cardiovascular workouts ( heart and lungs ) to keep you in top shape
Greatly improved balance
Ability to defend yourself

Mental Benefits include:
Improved concentration for better work and study habits
Stress reduction and the ability to relax
Confidence in knowing you can defend yourself and your family
Confidence in knowing how to deal with bullies and other confrontations
A positive attitude toward life through self-confidence and self-discipline
Self-esteem and your outlook on life
Respect for yourself and those around you
Motivation and an ‘I Can Do It’ attitude

  1. April 10, 2013 at 1:35 am

    Interesting article. karate is something I’ve wanted to do but I think I’m a bit too old now 🙂

  2. April 20, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    I’ll be 51 next month

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