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1 In 100 Award

 The 1 in 100 Award

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” ~Heraclitus


Once an author is given the award, they may continue nominating one new blog author once a week, month, year… or whatever seems appropriate. It’s like a knight’s ability to bestow knighthood onto another whenever they choose. But only one at a time. The patience of a warrior is required.

Guidelines for the 1-in-100 Warrior Award: Warriors are not motivated by awards or fame. They see awards not as an opportunity for the ego to rejoice, but rather an opportunity to honor other warrior brothers and sisters. To acknowledge and honor the rarity of the warrior, it is recommended that the recipient passes this award on to only *one* other blogger that they feel goes above and beyond to serve and inspire others, and who maintains their grace and positivity even in the face of difficult challenges, such as health issues, tragedy, injustice or loss.

My nomination for the One in One Hundred award is…



There are many types of warriors. There is the battle experienced warrior who has lived through his share of campaigns. There is the wet behind the ear newbie who is eager to run yelling headlong into the fray. MC falls somewhere in between those two. She has seen her share of battles in her own way and in her own environment. Through it all she shows the heart of a warrior. I commend her for her spirit.

Congrats MysteryCoach. You are truly a 1 in 100 Warrior



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  1. February 6, 2012 at 9:14 am

    oooooh my goodnessss…. I hadn’t read this yet when I replied. Well… Geez. Thank you very much for your kind words … I like how you say I’m some where in the middle, that says it pretty well. Thank you…

  2. February 6, 2012 at 9:17 am

    You’re very welcome. And I meant “somewhere in the middle” in a good way.

  3. February 6, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    So pleased to find out about your blog from Art over at zendictive. I look forward to reading your philosophy in future posts. Congratulations on your award!

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