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‘Tsuyoi seishin utsukushii kokoro kenko na karada’

‘Tsuyoi seishin utsukushii kokoro kenko na karada’

This means ‘Learn with you soul as well as your body’.

Karate is not just physical training. ‘Karate-do’ means ‘the way of karate’. As a dedicated karate-ka progresses through the grades, he will find karate influencing in a very positive way areas of his life outside the dojo.

These influences appear in many ways. Self confidence, self discipline, improved self control and ‘unflappability’, and respect for others, are just some of the effects that training in karate can have.

Just as karate’s influence produces positive benefits, it also eliminates negative characteristics. On the physical side, because karate exercises every part of the body, any weakness will be highlighted very soon after training commences. If the karate-ka persists in his or her training, karate will then help to remedy this weakness.

This is true also for the karate-ka’s character. Karate will soon highlight areas of weakness, such as pride and arrogance, lack of discipline, lack of self control and lack of respect of others. The diligent karate-ka will work through these problems. Those who are not willing to recognize and correct their failings will soon fall by the wayside, not through any intervention by anyone else, but through their own actions. In this sense, the karate-ka who is striving ever to improve both his technique and his character is always winning the fight.

Everyone has the ability to progress in karate, and it is their mental attitude that will decide whether they do or not.

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