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The Spirit Of First Beginnings

At one time or another everyone who has practiced martial arts for any length of time has contemplated quitting. Either it gets too hard, you get too busy, injured or you get discouraged. Perhaps for some it comes down to a money issue and they question whether or not they are getting enough value out of their practice.

If you find yourself in this situation I suggest you return to the original reasons why you wanted to practice in the first place. Remember the excitement of being a beginner. Look at how far you’ve come in that time. What have you gotten out of your training? In other words, “Never forget the spirit of first beginnings”.

Peaks and valleys are inevitable. They usually strike in the intermediate levels or around the beginning of the advanced levels. Kids seem to hit them when they reach puberty or get to the age that they realize there are other things out there. There will be times when you are making good progress and feeling good about yourself and other times when it feels like you can’t do anything as well as you’d like. Hang in there and try to ride out the plateau in your martial arts training. The rewards are great for those who stick with it. Having the self discipline to train even when you don’t feel like it is an important part of your mental training.

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