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Still Here

It has been about a month since I posted here. I must apologize to any who regularly read the blog. I have been busy trying to organize the training next month and dealing with issues at my regular job. I hope to get the blog rolling again very soon.

The Gasshuku is coming along very well despite some minor frustrations. Fortunately the planning for the training began a couple of months ago which has allowed me ample time to deal with things as they have come up. On the downside, between the planning and running regular classes I have had little time to train for myself.

Personal training is something that each of us needs to make time for. Coming to the dojo two or three nights a week is fine and one can progress with this amount of training. However you must train on your own. It actually doesn’t take a lot of time to go over your kata. On the average it takes about a minute, two at the most, to go through a kata. I tell the younger students that after they have finished their homework and are sitting in front of the tv it is easy to actually get up and go through a kata during a commercial break in their favorite show.

I know some students who have reserved an entire room in their home just for training. These “mini dojos” are very helpful. You don’t have to use an entire room. The open space in your bedroom will work just fine. Your living room works just as well. There have been numerous times that I have worked out in the back yard. The thing is to work and practice.

I will post some more ideas on personal training very soon. until then, keep practicing and working toward your goals!!!

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