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Giving Back

It’s no secret what my feelings and philosophy are on the subject of giving back to the community. I believe that it is a sign of a good martial arts school when that school has enough respect for the community that it exists in to give back to it.

Historically is Japan most towns and villages were assigned a detachment of Samurai. The village fed, clothed, and housed the Samurai. In return the Samurai protected the village. Despite many of the stories that we hear, most of them fictional accounts that did not actually happen, the Samurai also gave back to the villages they occupied. The Japanese Samurai were not only fierce warriors but also well educated men. It was a requirement of the warrior class to study and become adept in many other Ways. The Samurai taught the villagers better methods of farming. They helped educate the children to an extent. They also showed many of the merchants better ways of commerce.

On a personal note, there are many people around you that support you on your journey. Parents, friends, and family all contribute to your life lessons. You should always realize that your achievements, though they be yours, are really a co-ordinated effort.

I am proud of our dojo and it’s efforts to contribute something back to the community. These things are something that you as a student can also look upon with pride. There are a lot of less fortunate families and children out there that have received a very special joy from your efforts during the Thanksgiving Food Drives and the Christmas Toy Drives. The residents at the Progressive Care Center can think of no better activity that our demos we provide for them on a regular basis.

These things are always a lot of work. What in life that is worth anything is not a lot of work? Always remember that they are as much a part of your karate as a thrust punch or a round house kick. And they are achievements you can be as proud of as the last rank that you earned.

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