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We have been through quite an experience over the past few months as a dojo. With the move to the new location and having to teach out of a different school for a while it has been quite the journey,

As you all know I passed out a survey a few weeks back for everyone to fill out and turn in anonymously. There were several interesting things discovered by the responses of that survey. One of these discoveries was that you, the students, wanted more class times. I completely understood that you wanted more options and more class times. So I began trying to work out new schedules with more classes in hopes that it would make things more flexible for all of you. The result has been a lot of confusion as to when class times were. I have diligently attempted to keep the hours on the web site as accurate as possible. I realize that not everyone gets to visit the web site as often as others do.

I have printed off the current class times and put them in the front window of the dojo. I have also made hard copies of them for everyone so there is no need for further confusion.

We have some new programs expected to begin in mid July or early August. If these programs do begin, there will be a few changes to the current class times. The Sempai and myself are attempting to get the schedule down pat right now. After we work out the schedule, we will forward it to you in printed form in an adequate time frame before anything changes. Hopefully with the addition of some new hours we will be able to accommodate everyone’s particular needs.

I must apologize for any confusion this has caused. I admit, there have been times when it confused me. Once you have been at a certain place for three years and done things a certain way for three years, there will always be a certain amount of confusion with changes. I appreciate each and every one of your continued patience, dedication, and faithfulness

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