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Women’s Self Defense Class

The Women’s Self Defense classes begin next Tuesday! I have conducted women’s self defense classes and seminars in the past. In reviewing information I gathered for past classes I found myself becoming more and more frustrated at the statistics. It is appalling to me at the number of sexual assaults and cases of abuse in this country, state, and area. What is even more frightening is the number of such incidents that go unreported.

A group recently sponsored an event called “Take Back The Night”. In it people were supposed to leave their lights on all night as a sign of unity against sexual assault and abuse. I coined the phrase “Defeat The Darkness” and began to form the women’s self defense class in my mind. I had no plans at all on making a statement. Instead I opted to give people the tools they needed to defend themselves should anyone attempt to take advantage of them either physically or emotionally. I have committed myself to it with the intention of helping make a difference in people’s lives by passing on part of the art of Seito Shito-Ryu Karate-Do.

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